“We are the tribe of women, oldest alliance in the life of mankind. Intent as prehistoric beasts, we lumber into this place of preparation that has become our watering hole, our centre point, and our thought all inward.”

“Preparation”  by  Jeni  Couzyn

Julie Tortora
Antenatal Yoga classes

Crouch End / Stroud Green / Haringey  / North London

A safe and enjoyable way of keeping fit and relaxed throughout pregnancy. Provides thorough preparation for labour:

Pain management techniques
Active birth positions
Deep Relaxation
Remedial back exercises
Pelvic floor care
Emotional support
Bonding with the baby in the womb

Held in a calm and friendly home environment, they are suitable whether or not you have practiced Yoga before.

class times
Monday 7pm – 8.15pm
Tuesday 6.45pm – 8pm
openbrackets-pregnancy-2I learnt breathing exercises and coping strategies that I WISH I had known during my first pregnancy! closebrackets-pregnancy-2

openbrackets-pregnancy-2She is amazing! She has 20 years experience and is well known to local midwives and GPs closebrackets-pregnancy-2